Tip Top Shape!

Hard lofts can always be a challenge.  How to tie in brick, beam and concrete AND still make it look warm, inviting and elegant?? To achieve this, we brought in a lot of whites, chrome and a pops of colour here and there.  We really lucked out with this project - the home owner was an art dealer and had some incredible pieces for us to work with.  

You have to check out Eyes On Walls they have a collection of "talented young artists creating exciting art for a new generation of art buyers."  In the photos you will find work from Lora Zombie (Pugzilla and the big blue one with the dog)  and the bear ones are by Luke Cheuh.  

Check out their website for a huge selection of great artists and beautiful, fun and colourful work!  www.eyesonwalls.com

Walk Down Memory Lane

This was a little walk down memory lane for me. After working for almost 15 years on Yorkland,  I have to admit it almost brought a tear to my eye to drive down the street... We use to joke around that the ULTRA condos would be a perfect place to live and be able to literally walk to work... I guess this was my way living in that dream for a moment and decorating "my place". Until we meet again Yorkland. xo

Whitby | Detach

We met with the home owners of this home and immediately hit it off.  A sweet family with great taste, but a large family with lots of belongings in their beautiful detach home.  The first task was extensive deluttering and from there we enhanced the space by employing lots of white, pops of colour and more vibrancy to bring out the homes major site lines and attractive features. Some of our favourites were the open to above family room with 2 story south facing windows and the great chefs dream kitchen, which pretty much speaks for itself.  Wishing our clients the best with this new listing in this hot spring marketing #stagingworks #selbiecreative

Off to the Races | Markham Detach

This couple had a super short timeline with a very large to do list.... when we first went to this home for our initial walk through we thought there was no way they would get everything on our list completed in time.  They worked night and day and within one week the home was completely ready to stage!  We wish these sellers all the best with the sale of their home... oh and thank you for moving the couches ;)

Liberty Village | Townhouse

When we were hired for this stage there was very little time between the initial call and stage date. The home owner emailed us a picture of his dining room table which he just bought and would not be removing for the stage.  It was a gorgeous live edge wooden dining table - we took this one piece and built the entire space around it incorporating barn wood and industrial chic for cool/sexy downtown vibe.