About Us


With over 15 years combined experience in the real estate industry and a background in design and layout we have taken our passion to the next level with Selbie Creative.

Hi, we are the Selbie Sisters, with a passion for creativity and design.  It all started when we shared a bedroom many many years ago. We would constantly be redecorating or rearranging our room to make it feel like new space! Fast forward 25 years, we no longer share a room but still share the same passion for design and thrill of transforming space.

Selbie Creative Inc. provides home owners and realtors leverage in the high paced and competitive GTA real estate market. Countless times we have optimized and transformed property to it's best state.  It's proven, that staged homes on average sell for 10% or more than unstaged homes*. We work with all budgets and types of homes to create a catered and personalized service.   

Come on, we've all spent time on realtor.ca, pinterest, houzz or google looking at homes, the staged homes always emotionally catch the audience.  

The truth is... staging works! 

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Home staging used to be optional. Today, it’s a necessity in selling a house
— Barbara Corcoran | Real Estate Mogul